Aviation Solution

We provide supplies of lighting security equipment for small local and large international airports and heliports. We supply solutions for air traffic control, solutions for ground navigation, light signals, lighting, etc.

As our key deliveries we consider the design and implementation of light protection devices such as runway signals, runway approach systems as well as taxiway signals and airport runway and taxiway light signs. Their design and implementation are among the most complex activities, taking into account their importance throughout the airport system. Of course, our supplied systems can be integrated with signal control and monitoring systems. Our company supplies aerospace solutions not only to private entities, but also to the Army of the Czech Republic.

Let's light protection devices can be divided into two basic groups. In the first are devices installed directly at airports, these are signals of different types and uses.

Another group are obstacle signals used to indicate obstacles (tall buildings, radio communications and telecommunications towers or wind farms). Depending on the height of the obstacle, the types of obstacle signals that we supply from several renowned manufacturers.

Benefits for customers

Among the most important benefits that our customers achieve are:

  • reliability of the system
  • savings of electrical energy achieved through the use of modern technologies
  • fast service
  • supply of spare parts
  • Airport Prague
  • Airport Ostrava Mošnov
  • Airport K. Vary
  • Airport Náměšt (Army Airport)
  • Airport Čáslav (Army Airport)
  • Airport Sliač, Slovakia (Army and Civilian Airports)
Airport light security

We supply Honeywell and Thorn light signal systems, above-ground signals and airport runway and travel signs, including their connection to automated all-airport systems.

Airport systems

Airport systems provide us with one of the most complex areas for implementation, as it is a key part of air traffic control. In airport systems implementation projects, we focus mainly on design and implementation: signal control and monitoring systems, airport navigation systems for safe, efficient and economical operation of vehicles on airport surfaces, visual guidance systems on the tarmac, inductive sensors of movement of aeroplanes and vehicles near runes on taxiways and runways.

Lighting of obstacles

We supply and implement three types of obstacle lighting. Lighting of obstacles with low luminosity used especially for less extensive objects, where their height above the level of the surrounding terrain is less than 45 meters. Medium-intensity obstacle signals shall be used in cases where the object is large or its height above the level of the surrounding terrain is more than 45 m. High-intensity obstacle signals shall be used to indicate an object whose height above the level of the surrounding terrain exceeds 150 m.

Our offer

Shot our offer of obstacle signs

Sofim E-Shop - Obstacle lighting

Actual offers includes:

  • Dialight 860
  • Dialight D860 - Doubled
  • Dialight RTO - 12-48 V
  • Dialight RTO - doubled - 12-48 V
  • Dialight RTO - 120-240 V
  • Dialight RTO - doubled - 120-120-1 V
  • Dialight BT2100/D564
  • Dialight BT3100/D1RW
  • FG 2001B
  • FG 3001B
  • FG 2006B
  • Twilight switch
  • GFK airport poles
  • WLS01 recessed omnidirectional lighting