Key Boxes

We provide a complete system of key boxes, which allows clear management over your keys. It is suitable for gatehouses, hotel receptions and wherever it is necessary to keep track of borrowed keys.

Main system properties are:

  • Evidence of keys, chips and cards
  • Serving by the user themselves
  • Authorized key access
  • Time restrictions for picking
  • Manage permissions with a web application
  • Stand alone module
  • A possible integration into your system
  • Massive construction
  • Touch LCD panel
  • Identification by chip card
  • Closable blind
  • Unique code of individual positions
  • Optic and acoustic signalling
Adjustments exactly according to your requirements

We are able to adjust the solution offered to suit exactly your requirements.

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you, or we will show you the key vault.

Check out our current offer:

Key box - large
Key box - small
Key box outdoor - fire design

  • Škoda Auto - a system of key boxes with web configuration interface and connection to the K4 system for user authentication
  • T-Mobile - a key room with one control panel for multiple vaults