We provide services in the areas of system integration, design, implementation and management of applications for control and monitoring of technological processes, production lines. We supply our services both separately and as a comprehensive turnkey delivery.

Industrial automation

To solve industrial automation projects, we supply products of the world's leading companies, including expert advice, consultation and the actual implementation of their products. We focus not only on smaller companies, but also on large industrial units.

Building automation

Measurement and regulation systems are key to managing the energy efficiency of buildings. Our experts will help to give your building or household intelligence and thus help you save energy, increase safety and improve the overall comfort of using buildings.

Lighting of obstacles and airport facilities

We supply solutions for lighting obstacles (buildings, masts, etc.), approach systems, ground navigation, obstacle signals and light signs. Our company will help you not only with light security of a small local airport or private heliport, but also with security of large international airports and heliports.