Building Automation

We focus on creating smart buildings and homes. We supply solutions and consultations not only for new construction, but also for buildings and households that are already in use. We supply solutions that help save operating and investment costs and increase the comfort and value of real estate.

Building management

The aim of building management is to save operating and investment costs and increase the comfort and value of real estate.

Among the areas we address are:

  • consultation
  • design and implementation of building security management and management systems
  • complex systems covering air conditioning, air conditioning, heating, fire protection and security of persons and property

In the area of buildings we deal mainly with:

  • Life Safety Management
  • primary monitoring and full control of the system of smoke detectors and fire detectors
  • Building Management System and control of equipment providing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, etc.
  • Digital Video Management – intelligent camera surveillance systems
  • Security Management – entrances of persons and car entrances to premises/buildings
  • centralized management of warning messages, etc.
Smart homes

For example, home automation allows you to individually control the temperature in each room, not only by regulating the performance of heating systems, but also by automatically downloading/pulling out window blinds depending on the light of the sun and the outdoor temperature.

Attems control can be easily extended with additional services such as audio or ambient lighting.

We use LOXONE.

Benefits for customers

Customers with our support achieve many benefits already during the implementation of projects, especially after their completion.

The most important benefits our customers identify are:

  • soulevation of safety and avoidance of unauthorised persons's access to premises and buildings
  • flexible solutions, which can be further developed according to the needs
  • high reliability
  • implementation of the solution in normal operation of the building

Further our customers appreciate:

  • selection of operating costs
  • resecure of thermal gains in the summer and their use in winter
  • security elements
  • managing via mobile devices
  • Congression Center in Prague
  • Palác Křižík
  • Praha City Center

In the area of building management, we most often use EagleHawk and Hawk controllers. These controllers are usable for smaller applications (family houses, small exchanger stations) as well as for large projects such as administrative, commercial, centres, schools, offices, etc.

We provide sensors, action elements and all other products for field instrumentation.

In the field of peripherals we mainly use Honeywell products. At the customer's request, we are able to make alternative changes. Most often Domat, JCI, AMIT, marginally Siemens.