Turnkey deliveries

We realize comprehensive turnkey deliveries in the areas of measurement, regulation and software services.

Projects of this type include all activities related to the following areas:

  • determination of the current situation and preparing a solution strategy
  • design of a technical solution using all available resources
  • optimizing the design of the technical solution
  • create complete project documentation
  • the delivery of new components and other necessary equipment (switchboards, actuaries, frequency converters, cable routes, sensors, sensors, measuring probes, control and control modules, controllers, control systems, computers, network elements, software, etc.)
  • mounting and installing new technology at the customer's premises
  • the commissioning and testing of the full functionality of the supplied technology
  • training of operators and consultation according to the customer's wishes
  • the transfer of documentation of the actual state
  • the implementation of regular service on the basis of a service contract
Benefits for customers
By using turnkey delivery, you get in particular:
  • sure of price
  • reduce risk reduction from the integration of several suppliers
  • faster process of the entire supply
  • all errors/problems are solved with only one supplier
  • history of successful projects and satisfied clients
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